DORE is committed to a sustainable investment approach and a cleaner, greener future.

At a Glance
as at 31 December 2023

Average annual energy production

424 GWh

Aeroplane miles offset


Tonnes of CO2 avoided

191,080 tCO2e

Homes powered


Number of assets


Our portfolio is forecast to:

A graph showing the equivalent energy production from renewable energy.

Environmental, Social and Governance


Acres of
land managed


Cubic metres of storage capacity


Community funding to date


Health and Safety audits since inception

DORE's Sustainability & ESG commitment

DORE is classified as an Article 9 fund, which makes impactful investments and has a specific sustainability objective. To read the full SFDR document, visit here.

Sustainability is an important focus in DORE’s investment framework, aiming to benefit the communities that its assets serve, the wildlife that lives around them, decarbonisation and the wider environment.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated into the screening of opportunities, investment decisions and the ongoing monitoring of investments. This helps to identify, assess, monitor and manage sustainability risks and opportunities and provides a framework to report progress across DORE's activities.


Downing, as the investment manager, is a certified B Corp. It has made a commitment to show regard to all stakeholders, including colleagues, clients and communities. Downing also looks for a sustainable procurement process for contractors to ensure they are aligned to DORE's expectations on environmental and social performance. Working with local communities, Downing aims to consider local aspects and needs as part of each project, including, in some circumstances, a contribution of energy or investment to local community projects.

Corporate Governance

Business ethics and transparency of reporting on the ESG performance of assets, including the indicators and disclosures required by the SFDR regulation, are integral to annual fund accounts and regular investor reporting. Downing has a dedicated internal infrastructure asset management team focused on achieving both financial and environmental targets. DORE is focused on , accountability and independence, both for its own board and that of its investment manager. A strict and robust approach is taken to risk management.,

Green Economy Mark

DORE was proud to be awarded The Green Economy Mark by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as soon as it listed in December 2020.

The Green Economy Mark was introduced in 2019 and recognises listed companies and funds that derive 50% or more of their revenue from environmental solutions. The award is a recognition that DORE meets the required industry standards of the trust’s commitment to positive environmental outcomes. It also provides transparency for investors, giving those seeking  sustainable and strong risk-adjusted returns the reassurance that they are investing in a greener future and supporting the UK’s transition to net-zero carbon.

Principles of Responsible Investment

DORE's commitment to ESG is reflected in Downing's(the investment manager) role as a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). This is in addition to the UN Global Compact, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change and the International Corporate Governance Network

Sustainable Development Goals

There are four Sustainable Development Goals that DORE references in investment activity :

United Nations Global Impact

Downing is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour the environment and anti-corruption.

Additionally, DORE reports in line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, which measure both climate impact as well as the material risks and how these are managed.