Renewable energy and associated infrastructure is critical to the transition to a low carbon economy and achieving net-zero carbon emissions targets.

At a Glance
as at 30 September 2023

Number of assets


Portfolio forecast to annually generate

402,074 MWh

Number of energy markets



8 including:
Hydro, S
olar, Wind & Grid Services

Fixed revenues


DORE’s portfolio consists of a diversified mix of core renewable energy generation assets, including 28 hydropower plants located across 3 different pricing zones in Sweden, one wind portfolio of 20 turbines, and c.4,800 operational solar pv installations spread across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The portfolio also owns two grid services assets. Since its listing, DORE's portfolio has an estimated annual generation of around 402 GWh.

Portfolio by technology as at September 2023

Portfolio by technology DORE trust

Construction exposure

Portfolio by geography and power market

Portfolio by geography DORE trust

Revenue composition as at September 2023

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* on a rolling 12 month period

Map of the Downing Renewables & Infrastructure assets, including hydro, solar and wind assets

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